This momentous occasion is one of the best events of 2023, and we are ecstatically eager to extend an invitation to our members, church family, friends, and co-labors in the vineyards of Jesus Christ, in Richmond and surrounding cities of the Bay Area to come and join us as we honor this achievement.

Our celebration month is October, and we have a variety of planned commemorative activities for this auspicious occasion. Each one is designed to feature St. John as a church which has created an oasis through many great works in the city of Richmond as one church in two communities.

Serving in Spirit and in truth, obeying the commandments of Jesus Christ our Lord, and sharing the good news of the gospel to anyone and everyone sums up two elements of our church mission statement: evangelizing the sinner and equipping the saints.

80 years of service means building memories of the members and families which make up the collective congregation of our church. One of our goals is to feature the members and ministries of St. John Missionary Baptist Church in a Souvenir Booklet with photos of each ministry. (Talk about Sunday Best!)

Members of St. John may express individual congratulations, dedicate a memorial page, and be a patron at the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level. There is more information regarding these options including the cost, page size, form of payment, and due date in the packet. Be sure to read and review all the details.

This is our church’s 80th year Celebration of shining as a beacon light available to all. We thank God for his great faithfulness, and we seek to continue to lift His son, our savior, Jesus Christ higher as the light of the world. St. John let us celebrate this blessing as we do when we worship together with a joyful noise and our hearts filled with thanksgiving.

We thank you for your prayers and support in advance. Deadline for ad submission, September 15, 2023.

Please review the order form inside this packet (Click Here). It is our hope that every member, ministry, friend, business, and associate of St. John Missionary Baptist Church will support these endeavors. For more information please feel free to call (510) 502-1449 or email,

Sincerely Yours,
Judy Matthews, Souvenir Book Chairperson
Jacquelin Grimsley, Souvenir Book Co-Chairperson
Dr. Kevin B. Hall, Pastor