Hey Kids,

Yes, it is time for our next J.A.M. Session this coming Sunday at 4pm.  How many of you remember the bible story Daniel and the Lion’s Den?  Did the workers like Daniel? What did they do to get him in trouble? What was the new law? Did Daniel obey the new law? What happened to Daniel? What is the bible address for the memory verse? I am looking forward to hearing your answers this Sunday.

We will journey through another powerful bible story and memory verse, Noah’s Ark, Genesis 6:9.  Come with your sharp minds and prepare for high energy, laughs, funny jokes, and learning.  We will spend time discussing exciting virtual activities to celebrate The Birth of Jesus!

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Noble who?

(you must guess the answer- LOL)

Remember to log on a little early for our 5-minute gospel music JAM Session countdown.

Don’t forget to tell and invite your cousins and friends to join us for J.A.M Session!