Hey Kids,

Yes, it is time for our next J.A.M. Session this coming Sunday at 4pm. Let’s find out what you remembered from the bible story Jonah and the Fish we learned at our last J.A.M session.   Where did God tell Jonah to go to warn the people? Did Jonah go? if not, where did he go? How did Jonah get to where he was going? What happened on the water? How long did Jonah stay in the fish’s belly? What was the memory verse we learned from this story? I am looking forward to hearing your answers this Sunday.

We will journey through another powerful bible story and memory verse, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, Daniel 6: 23b. Come with your sharp minds and prepare for high energy, laughs, funny jokes, and learning. Did you think I would forget to ask my joke? Of course not, What did the Dalmatian say after lunch?

We will spend time exploring our new J.A.M Session breakout rooms. Remember

to log on a little early for our 5-minute gospel music JAM Session countdown.   

Don’t forget to tell and invite your cousins and friends to join us for J.A.M Session!

3:55pm-4pm-J.A.M Session Log on and music count down

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